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Breckenridge History & Artists

When you think of Breckenridge, the first thing that comes to mind is skiing. But with the season now over and the lifts have stopped turning, all the other aspects and events that make Breck a unique and lively place come to center stage.

Of course, Breckenridge has an entertaining downtown scene for tourists and locals alike. What many people miss is the history held behind store-fronts, restaurants, and lodges throughout Town.

Let’s step back in time: In 1887, an eight-pound nugget of crystallized gold was unearthed in Breckenridge. It was quickly named “Tom’s Baby” after one of its founders Tom Groves, carried his precious find all over Breckenridge, just like a new baby. Tom even wrapped the hunk of gold in a blanket as he carried it from one place to the next. Now that’s just good parenting. The massive piece of gold now resides at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Along with its fascinating history, Breckenridge is also host to a lively arts scene. Everything from ceramics classes and National Geographic presentations to art shows and live concerts can be found on the calendar at any given time. Likewise, the vibrant community of local artists and business owners adds color to the community.

Breck Create

Breckenridge unveiled BreckCreate in 2014 to support and promote arts, culture and creative experiences thought Town. This new platform for creative exploration manages artistic programs, properties and partnerships around town. Many of the buildings are original and have stories to tell. The newly renovated Art’s District is now a cultural center to gather, learn and create. Just like their name implies, BreckCreate is a platform to unleash your creative side right here in Breckenridge.

Robb Woulfe, of BreckCreate was proud to let me know, “You come to the mountains to be hands-on. Locals and visitors love our offerings.”

There are plenty of art galleries in Breckenridge, but if you want to experience and create first-hand, BreckCreate has something for everyone. BreckCreate was also recently named #1 on the 2017 Arts Vibrancy Index of small communities in the U.S. just another reason to check out their offerings for pottery, jewelry making, painting, photography, dance, yoga and more.

WAVE Festival

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WAVE: Light+Water+Sound 

Street Arts Festival 

Breckenridge International Festival of Arts 

Breckenridge Film Fest

Lodging Near the Arts and Historic Districts

The best way to immerse yourself in the culture of Breckenridge? Jump in, feet first. Stay among the history and the artist.  We offer a selection of quaint properties right in the midst of it all. Find yourself in one of these lovely abodes for a true Breckenridge experience, any time of year.

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