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Stay At The Overlook For Your Breckenridge Trip

If you’re not here on vacation, chances are you once were. And resident or vacationer, we all make Breck awesome, together.

I thought about those very words when I first sat down to chat with the owners of The Overlook, all-out-mountain-gem and bookable, VisitBreck property. I wanted to learn more about their family’s evolution from vacationers to part-time residents, and the shaping of an empty lot into a mountain masterpiece.

When did you first discover your love for Breckenridge?

As a family, it was a little more than five years ago but in a way, it goes all the way back to my childhood. We were looking to take our kids somewhere for summer vacation.  The Kansas heat had gotten to us all.  We decided on Breckenridge, as that is where all of my summer memories are with my family.

The weather was beautiful and we spent our days hiking and discovering the area. We were literally driving home, smiling ear-to-ear from our vacation, when we put in an offer on a townhome in Breckenridge.

How did you end up going from the townhome to building The Overlook?

We quickly realized we needed more space; we had family coming to see us all the time. We found the lot while on a walk and had our eye on it for years. It “overlooked” the town and had the great mountain-range view.

Overlook Breckenridge

So first the perfect lot. Then what?

Then the design process began. More than anything, we wanted to capture all of the amazing town and mountain views in the home. We wanted a lot of windows, and large ones, or as we all called it, “A wall of glass,” stretching from the dining and living to the bedroom areas. We didn’t want to obstruct a view, anywhere. We never wanted to be asking ourselves, “What’s behind this wall?”

What was your main focus in The Overlook’s design?

Family and friends were the first focus. We wanted to design it so that EVERYONE that visits our home has an equal experience… and boy did we ever. With two full master suites, and a four king bedrooms – all with unobstructed range view – everyone gets to enjoy their stay.

Secondly, we wanted to bring in as many natural elements as we could. We have waxed-steel arches throughout the house, reclaimed-warehouse-wood floors, jacket-board accent walls and reclaimed-truck-board walls in the basement which are a first of their kind. We further carried out this theme with custom office furniture made from 1940’s box car floors, reclaimed truck floor and steel.


Is there a feature in your home that really stands out?

Undoubtedly, one feature is the wine room. We have a passion for collecting rare bourbons. We designed the room to have an authentic bourbon/Napa feel, using reclaimed wood, waxed steel and the DIY cork floor with over 1,000 hand-selected corks. The bourbon collection features a full vertical of the Pappy Van Winkle and Buffalo Trace Antique Collections, an extensive Willett collection, and several batch-ones of Denver’s own A.D. Laws and matches an extensive collection of Napa Valley’s finest wines. This space is a work of art.

And second, almost without saying, the views! You can sit outside in the hot tub or by the fire pit and enjoy the night lights of Breck with a shadow of Baldy in the background. Or you find another spot and enjoy the sunset over the ski runs with a glass of wine in your hand.  The house just keeps giving you view after view after view…. that’s why we have named the house “The Overlook.”

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