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What to Pack for Your Winter Vacation

Your Breckenridge winter getaway is days away. Dream lodging is booked, ski & snowboard lessons are squared away for the whole family, snow is falling…

Sounds like it’s time to get your suitcase packed and ready for the ultimate winter vacation. Check out the VisitBreck Winter Essentials Packing List below to make sure you are ready for your upcoming Colorado adventure.

Pack your bags, next stop Breckenridge!

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Your Sun Protection

We are incredibly close to the sun here in Breckenridge. At approximately 9,600 feet of elevation, that warm ball of fire in the sky will be much closer to you during your stay in Breck. Come prepared with plenty of high SPF sunscreen, zinc and face protection. The beach is not the only destination that will leave you with a crisp sunburn if you are not prepared.

Eye protection of any kind is another Breckenridge essential! If you are on the mountain, make sure you have goggles on. When you are walking around town, toss on a pair on sunglasses.

Colorado sees over 300 days of sunshine a year. Make sure you and the sun are still friends after your winter vacation.

Your do-it-all Beanie

Packing a warm, comfortable beanie is yet another must. Bring a beanie that will keep you toasty on the mountain, in town, during a snowy soak in the hot tub and everywhere in between.  Your noggin will be thankful.

Your reusable water bottle

Do yourself and the environment a favor by bringing a reusable water bottle with you to Breckenridge this season. Hydration is critical up here in the high country and with fresh mountain spring water at every turn, there is no excuse not to drink up all day, every day!

Your day pack

When adventure comes knocking, be prepared. Bringing a day backpack along on vacation is always a fantastic idea. The perfect day pack is one that allows you to be on-the-move and active (it better have room for snacks, water and a spare layer…or two). Pro tip: If you’re flying to Breckenridge, use your day pack as a carry-on to save space for other items in your larger bags.

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Your layers

Come to Breckenridge prepared to layer up. Pack a great base layer, mid layer and outside layer. Then, maybe, pack one or two more layer options just because layers are great…

When choosing a base layer that will function well for winter use, stray away from cotton. Look for a breathable fabric that will keep you nice and dry no matter the temperature. Mid layer options vary greatly—the main idea is to have a nice lightweight insulation to keep body warmth in and cold out. Think a lightweight puffy or insulated vest.

Lastly, a great winter jacket that functions well on the mountain (waterproof) and around town is a must-bring! Folks in Breckenridge basically live in their ski jackets all winter long, so you will fit right in no matter where you end up.

Your denim (for streets not slopes)

Bring your favorite pair of jeans with you to Breckenridge. A great pair of jeans will work for walking around town, going out to dinner and traveling. Outfits do not need to be more complicated than a pair of jeans, layers, and a warm jacket. We keep it simple here in Breckenridge.

And, just so we are clear, jeans are not meant for the ski slope, friends.

Your warm, waterproof footwear

Finally, bring a warm pair of shoes or boots with proper traction for slippery sidewalks and snowy streets. Transition from the mountain to the town with ease in a nice waterproof footwear choice. It is also a great idea to bring a cozy pair of après-ski slippers to slide into after a long day on the mountain!

If, for any reason, any of these items don’t make it into your luggage, do not worry. The town of Breckenridge has an abundance of high quality outdoor gear & apparel shops. Finding the gear you need (or want) will not be difficult, I promise.

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