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Stay in downtown Breckenridge to access some of Colorado’s top restaurants, retail stores, and nightlife. Located only a few minutes from the ski resort, the lodging options in Downtown Breckenridge range from historic homes to high-end condominiums and everything in between. The ability to stroll into town at a moment’s notice for coffee or ski accessories is luxury in itself.

Where to Stay in Downtown Breckenridge

Before Breckenridge became a world-class ski destination, it was a small mining town. As the city and resort have grown, Breckenridge’s charm and small-town feeling have remained. Strolling down Main Street in Breckenridge evokes nostalgia and a feeling of belonging that is absent in other mountain towns.

South Downtown Breckenridge

Downtown Breck

Staying on the south end of downtown Breckenridge gives you optimal access to Peak 9 and Peak 10. Peak 9 is known for its number and variety of runs while Peak 10 is for the double-black-diamond skier.

Other highlights of southern Breckenridge include Breckenridge Brewery, Breckenridge Market, and The Children’s Museum. For those interested in nightlife, Cecilia’s Nightclub is located on the south end of Breckenridge as well.

North Downtown Breckenridge

Downtown Breck

North Downtown Breckenridge allows easy access to Peak 7 and Peak 8 via the BreckConnect Gondola. Peak 8 is the original Breckenridge ski mountain and in recent years has become the center of summer adventures.

North downtown is also where the Blue River Bikeway begins. Blue River Bikeway is an 8.8-mile bike and walkway that connects downtown Breckenridge to Frisco.

Get to Know Downtown Breckenridge

During your stay downtown, get to know the stores on Main Street and beyond.

Downtown Breckenridge is perfect for the active family or group that wants to experience the culture, nightly dining, local brews, and luxury ski apparel brands.

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