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2024 Summer Guide to Breckenridge If you thought winter in Breckenridge was fun, just wait until you experience everything that summer in Colorado has to offer! To make the most of your time in the Rockies and the incredible weather, we have created a 2024 Summer Guide to Breck just for you!
Customize your culinary adventures with several options in Breckenridge for grocery, delivery services and private chefs.
Airport Shuttles
Get to Breck from the airport to the slopes safely, and back again, quickly and affordably with a Denver airport shuttle. Learn more here!
Colorado Road Conditions
Road conditions can change rapidly from Denver to Breck. Learn more about the Colorado road conditions and weather before you head up into the mountains!
Breck Trail Map
Breckenridge boasts 1000s of acres of world-class alpine skiing and cross-country skiing in the winter and hiking, biking and fishing in the summer.
Joel Gratz
Breckenridge Ski and Ride School is a great place to learn how to ski, snowboard or refresh your skills from last season. Try something new!
Parking in Breckenridge
Parking in Breckenridge! If you choose to drive your own vehicle to Breckenridge, here are a few options! Check out this guide to getting around Breck.
Gear Rental
To make sure you are well taken care of during your stay, we will also be able to help get some awesome discounts on your Breckenridge gear rental.
Travel tips to Breck
You’re so close! But need to get up to the mountains. And you’re most likely taking the I70 route from Denver. Traffic can be heavy, conditions can be rough – all within (what should be) an hour and a half drive. We’re here to help you get here as fast and safe as possible. Here are some of our


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