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Celebrating the Arrival of Spring at the Breckenridge Pond Skim

Breckenridge, Colorado is known not only for its exceptional skiing terrain but also for the unique festivities that color its snowy landscape, especially in the spring. As warmer weather ushers in longer days and a playful spirit, the annual pond skim event emerges as a highlight. The pond skim pairs skiing with the comical splash of daring participants crossing over ice-cold water. We’re here to guide you through the adventure. Whether you want to participate or just spectate, it’s a blast! 

This year's gathering is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, at Peak 7.

Here is a map of the resort for your convenience.

A skiier and a snowboarder float over water during the Breckenridge pond skim

Inviting Weather Conditions and Pond Formation

Spring in Breckenridge brings about a delightful change in the weather. With average daytime temperatures ranging between 40°F and 60°F, the sun-kissed slopes offer a perfect setting for a day of skiing or snowboarding. The milder climate, coupled with longer days, means by the end of April, Breckenridge resort witnesses the formation of slush and ponds, setting the stage for a uniquely enjoyable event.

The highlight of Breckenridge's spring skiing season is undoubtedly the pond skim event. Held annually in late April, this event allows participants to flaunt their fancy dress and fearless skills as they attempt to skim across a pond of frigid water at the base of Peak 8. The pond skim not only marks a festive way to close out the season but also embodies the lively and lighthearted spirit of the Breckenridge community.

What is a Pond Skim?

Pond skimming is a daring and fun event that involves skiers or snowboarders gliding down a slope at speed, aiming to cross a 100-foot pond of ice water without falling in. The event is as much about skill as it is about the participants' creativity and showmanship. Spectators gather in anticipation of the next costume-clad skier to make their way down the run, with each successful cross heralded by cheers and applause.

For those who brave the pond, the experience is unlike any other in the skiing world. From the moment they push off from the starting line to the exhilarating moment they reach the other side, participants are engulfed in a mixture of adrenaline and laughter. Countless hours of practice come down to a mere 15 seconds, with success measured not just by a dry finish but by the creativity that goes into the run. Whether riding a unicycle across the pond or jumping from a custom-built ramp, each skimmer's story is as unique as the path they carve.

The real joy of the pond skim is arguably from the sidelines. Spectators line the edges of the pond, watching with bated breath as each participant picks up speed and approaches the water's edge. The inevitable falls and hilarious costumes often steal the show, with even the most serious skiers casting aside their fears in favor of a day filled with laughter and shared excitement.

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